Release the Beast offers a range of practical seminars and

workshops to assist you meet compliance and enable your staff

gain a winning edge in today’s competitive business environment.

Training can be customized for your specific operational environment and run in- house or you may wish to join one of our regular events.

These include:

Bullying and Harassment workshop – Business Owner / Manager Level.

Don’t put your head in the sand. Bullying and harassment are issues in most workplaces. Don’t wait until you have a serious incident…take action today and book this workshop..

This practical workshop provides a detailed outline of bullying, harassment, victimization and the legislation that surrounds it from an owner/manager level. With strategies on how to detect and manage bullying and harassment within your  work-place, a review of your current bullying and harassment policy/samples for you to use as well as ensuring you have an effective complaints and investigation procedure, this workshop provides a range of practical tools that will enable you to avoid costly fines, have a more engaged and productive workforce and enable you to sleep at night.  Don’t wait until you have a bullying complaint in your workplace, be proactive and use this workshop to review your bullying strategies today.

      When asked " Did this workshop meet your expectations" responses have included:

       "Exactly met expectations. A comprehensive coverage of the topic"

       "Yes, lots of information and practical uses for it"

      "Good overview of the area. Beneficial immediately in staff dealings"


Bullying and Harassment Workshop- Staff Member Level

This workshop will ensure your staff are aware of what constitutes, bullying, harassment and victimization within the workplace. Importantly they will also gain an understanding of what bullying and harassment is not!  Raise awareness or reinforce prior learnings around the subjects to ensure staff are aware of their responsibilities. Ensure your staff can differentiate between a legitimate and vexatious complaint. Filled with practical examples reinforce your company policy in this area today by booking an in-house workshop(s).

      When asked " Did this workshop meet your expectations" responses have included:

      "Yes, it helped me to realize just how perceptions can be hurtful to others"

      "I can pass on topics to my children entering the workforce"

      "Yes, detailed and a lot of practical examples"

     Manager Coach Mentor Workshop

This 3 hour program is action packed covering practical techniques to coaching within the workplace.  Filled with tools, tips, activities, group discussion and action planning you can implement techniques straight away in your workplace.

Hire Manage Fire Seminar

A quick fire interactive workshop, giving an overview of the “Must knows” in Hiring, Managing and Firing staff.

Understanding Gen Y employees – Seminar

Learn how to attract, motivate and retain Gen Y employees. Invaluable seminar, developed following a 6 month research project. A must attend for businesses with large cohorts of Gen Y'ers.

Staff Attraction and Retention Seminar.

Struggling to find or keep staff? Find out why by booking this seminar for your own business or attending one of our events. Filled with practical, cost effective tools that you can use straight away.

Bullying and Harassment Seminar

A 1 hour refresher in the identification and management of bullying, harassment and victimization.  Use it to ensure your current bullying, harassment, victimization and complaints policies are up to scratch.


Workshops - 3 to 4 hours in duration

Seminars - 1 to 1.5 hours in duration

Workshops and seminars come with light refreshments and training materials.


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