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Welcome to Release the Beast

You may be wondering why the name Release the Beast. Our mission is to help businesses link people to profit. In order to

assist businesses achieve productivity, compliance and profitability KPIs we help organizations Release the required






Release the Beast is a member of the HR Coach Network and as such has access to a range of products and services to help organizations achieve their goals. See for yourself; download your free trial version of Staff Systems” Software…a cost effective tool to enable you manage your HR Compliance. With a range of wizards you can get the documentation required to start a new member of staff  in less than 10 minutes... a reporting tool to help you manage compliance and for God’s sake it even sends reminders to  your calendar…don’t want to be missing the end of the probation period for that dodgy staff member do you?...

(Also don’t get caught out by the Fair Work Ombudsman…fines are really heavy).  Struggling with staff attraction and retention?...lets run a STAR Workplace…. Receive a benchmarked report which highlights your short/medium/long term actions required to help you align the actions of your people with your business strategy and then work with Release the Beast to help get you into growth….sure everyone is busy, but are they busy doing the right thing?...

 In addition Release The Beast has over 25 years national and international experience working in the Employment Services Sector. See how we can help your JSA or DES business.

We also like to stick our noses into business development and have written a number of successful tenders, achieving sensational results in winning federal government tenders for our clients.

With the philosophy of enabling clients to achieve their goals long after we have left we have also developed and delivered a range of practical seminars and workshops.

But hey we can say how great we are, (which of course we are)…but why not have a quick look at our testimonials pagethat’s where our clients say how great we are…oh that’s right you are probably thinking that we made them up….more than happy to send you scanned copies of the original documentation and Emails.

Oh, by the way, we have a resume services section......struggling to get the right interviews…then have a look at this page…We have been helping people into work for over 25 years…No B/S just practical advice and resume writing to get you the job you deserve ( if you are no good at selection criteria, cover letters and interviews we can help with that too!!).

Ok what are you waiting for? Have a look at what we can do….If there is something you want to achieve and can’t quite see it in our website then give me a call and we can discuss your requirement (As part of The HR Coach network we have contact with over 70 business professionals across Australia…plus our own networks…We will likely know someone who can assist if we can’t).