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      Tender Writing

      Contact Release The Beast now for all your tender writing needs including:

  • Research of key concepts
  • Mapping your organizations capabilities against selection criteria
  • Development of a project plan
  • Liaison with key stakeholders to ensure vital information isn’t missed
  • Documenting the tender response
  • Development of a tender response within character count requirements and tight deadlines
  • Specialised in responding to and winning Federal Government contracts
  • Leading tender writing teams across Australia
  • Ability to use and upload the APET (All Purpose Evaluation Tool) and upload to Austender

     Why Release The Beast for your Tender Writing Needs?

  • Demonstrated track record of writing winning tenders –For example -writing the winning tender for an organization to become one of the largest providers of Disability Employment Services across Australia and enabling an organization to enter the highly competitive Jobs Services Australia market (Department of Education, Employment and Work Place Relations tenders).  Full portfolio of tender wins available on request. Also check out our testimonials page to see what our customers say about us.
  • Highly Competitive Rates – either daily or fixed rate. Fees can also be negotiated on a results based basis.
  • For  tenders in multiple states- access to a network of tender writers across Australia

Employment Services

Need additional help with your Job Services Australia/Disability Employment Services Business?

With over 20 years national and international experience in employment Services Release the beast can help you with:

·         Performance Improvement – get the Star Ratings you deserve. We have developed a unique KPI tracker that ensures you are on track.

·         Management of compliance-see how Release the Beast unique tools can drive compliance throughout your business in an objective manner.

·         Struggling with your bottom line? Are the returns on your contract not what you expected? Release The Beast can help maximize profitability, productivity and cash-flow

·         Generation of additional referrals…..make sure you are up to capacity

·         Linkages to a wide range of businesses for vacancies/reverse marketing strategies that actually work

·         Development and/or delivery of Job Search Training packages. Either we can develop and deliver one for you or hire our trainers to deliver yours.

·         Staff attraction and retention.

·         Staff Performance management and improvement strategies.

·         DEEWR tender writing. We let our results do the talking…successful in the recent JSA and DES tenders…why go anywhere else?

Resume Services

With over 20 years experience in the Employment services field, Release the Beast can help you develop a winning resume.  Whilst you may get 20 different opinions on what a resume should look like…Release The Beast has one simple philosophy...

“Your resume should be designed to get you the interviews you deserve”

If your resume is doing this already Do Not call Release The Beast

If your resume is not doing this for you, or you would like to improve your hit rate from application to interview then give us a call today for a no-obligation discussion. 0405 826 977.

Resume services includes

·         An initial interview to review your current situation and documentation- we can come to you, you can come to us or we can do it over the phone.

·         Preparation of a winning resume and cover letter sample

·         Copy of your resume/letter on a USB

·         Use our network to find employment in The Hidden Jobs Market

·         Struggling with Selection Criteria? Let us help

·         Getting interviews but no offers? Ask about our interview simulation service...make the mistakes with us, improve and get it right when it really matters.

Staff Surveys        
Can you afford staff turnover or lack of motivation? Get the real story of how happy your staff are and         what you can do to maximise their performance and productivity.

Team Coaching
Staff Focus Groups & Workshops to develop your management and staff. Get your people involved.

One on One HR Coaching
Coaching clinics to develop solutions for developing your people management skills, develop ways to attract new staff, retaining existing staff and planning for the future.

HR Audit
Don't let the new legislation catch you out! An audit of all your human resources processes, policies and procedures with a report identifying your risks.

Systems Implementation
Staff System installation and one on one coaching on how to maximise the system and integrate it into your workplace.

Outsourced HR Manager
Need a HR Manager but cant justify the salary? We have the perfect solution. By accessing our team of experienced HR Professionals, you can access to the expertise with a fraction of the cost! The benefits to you are enormous.

Team Assessments 
Need to know more? Whether you are recruiting, developing your key people or understanding how your team can work better, Personality and Ability Testing will be invaluable.